Roomlinx Interactive TV

Roomlinx Interactive TV (iTV) combines the best of HD TV, Internet, PC functionality, video on demand, and hotel & local information.


Roomlinx iTV offers full Internet access, on-demand programming, web games, and the ability interact with hotel associates all through a dynamic user interface.

Additionally, guests can use Roomlinx iTV to order room service, extra towels, lost or forgotten items – even assistance with their luggage. Accessing hotel and local information has never been easier. View menus, get directions, make reservations, buy tickets, and more.  It’s just a click away.


Today’s guests use advanced technology every day. Providing a robust digital experience in-room makes their stay more enjoyable, convenient, and memorable, increasing brand loyalty.

The Roomlinx system is cost effective, and flexible purchasing options make it easy for guests to choose the products they want. Roomlinx can also help you generate substantial income. Click the “Revenue” tab to learn more.


Roomlinx iTV includes a customizable, streamlined interface with ease-of-thought navigation. It’s displayed on a sleek, flat-panel television powered by our Roomlinx media console and wired/wireless networks. It’s a one-of-a-kind convergence of customized content and media.


Roomlinx iTV can generate revenue for your property in a variety of different ways. Flexible charge-for-use packages, ad-selling capabilities, a built-in marketing platform for both your property and event hosts, and e-commerce capabilities provide instant avenues for profit.

From virtual checkout, guest requests, and concierge services to online compendiums, channel lists and in room dining menus, Roomlinx technology frees staff time and saves thousands on printing costs.

Differentiate your hotel and drive revenues with SmartEvent. This proprietary technology allows event hosts to bring their branding into the guest room and deliver interactive content to attendees through the Roomlinx iTV system.

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